Episode 13 | Empowering Young Women with Sand Sisters LA


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The Sand Sisters' mission is to make all girls feel seen, valued, and heard. We chat about the importance of building confidence and self-worth in this social media-obsessed world. There's so much pressure to feel "perfect" and chasing this illusion has brought on serious mental issues including anxiety, stress, depression, and low self-worth. 

Sand Sisters Los Angeles’ Girl Powerful™ program is a youth empowerment program 501(c)3, co-founded by sisters Tedi and Sonya Serge, designed to give female youth the tools to build a strong sense of self. Our mission is to make all girls feel seen, valued and heard.™ Our Girl Powerful philosophy & curriculum is based on socio-emotional learning (SEL) and is endorsed by L. Edmondson Ed. D.

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