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Do the Wishwork with the Wishbeads APP

Are you ready to experience the “Wishwork” from the convenience of your iPhone? Our Wishbeads App is FREE and gives you that extra nudge of support as you embark on the Wishwork.

First, you’re given the opportunity to visualize your wish - in vivid detail - with an audio meditation. Then, every day—for 21 days—you’re invited to see the world a little bit differently. You are encouraged to take some small action. You are asked to reflect on what you experienced during the day and write about it at night.

By doing the Wishwork—you will set the wheels in motion to manifest what you desire. You will feel the shift. You will experience the coincidences. You will see for yourself—that wishes really do come true.


WHAT’S INCLUDED: A Guided Visualization

Close your eyes and get ready to wish. Use the recorded audio message to experience your wish in your mind’s eye. See the details and record the experience in a journal of your choice. This visualization is your key to naming your wish. When you allow yourself to see your wish unfold in vivid detail, you can map out what types of action steps you can take to make it come true.


Your Morning Message

You begin each day of Wishwork with an audio greeting from the Founder and Creator of Wishbeads - Alexa Fischer, who shares her insights into the Wishwork for the day. She’s your pal in the process, cheering you on and encouraging you to stay focused and take action.


Daily Wishwork

For 21 days, you will be given daily tasks, called Wishwork. It’s the work that’s required to make your wish come true. Depending on what you’re wishing for, the Wishwork might include practical steps (like putting together a website or booking a plane ticket) as well as emotional/spiritual steps (like changing your perspective about a situation) or usually, both!


By focusing on your Wishwork over 21 days, you are building a healthy new habit. For three weeks, you’re training your mind to keep your wish front and center, so you can remember what’s important to you and your happiness.

When you do anything for 21 days, you develop a habit that sticks.

So, grab our Wishbeads APP, do the Wishwork and you’ll be amazed at what happens. You’ll make so much progress towards making your wish come true. Daily action leads to… results!

We’re still working on the Android version of the APP. Until then, be sure to sign up for the email version. Same great content delivered straight to your inbox!