Episode 41 | Aarika Rhodes for Congress!


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I have a very special guest today! Not only is Aarika an accomplished teacher, I've been fortunate to have her inspire my own kids for the past 4 years inside her classroom. When I found out that she was running for Congress, I just had to share her story. 

Aarika has devoted her life to children and education. In 2013, she received the Teacher of the Year Award from the Los Angeles Clippers for her achievement in constructing an effective science curriculum. Aarika was an active volunteer for former presidential candidate Andrew Yang. She canvassed in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and all over Los Angeles, where she spoke to hundreds of people about the state of our country. Prior to the suspension of Andrew Yang’s campaign, Aarika was in the process of organizing a town hall that was intended to address issues impacting low-income communities. As Aarika was hearing the concerns of everyday people, she was inspired to do something. She feels strongly that everyday people matter and will fight hard to solve the problems that matter most to them. If elected, Aarika will support small businesses, work to close the income gap, and fight for every child’s right to quality education.

To learn more, check out her campaign at AarikaForCongress.com and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

We've got a special announcement coming on August 20th, so stay tuned!!!