8 Simple And Powerful Ways To Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

Welcome to the new year and a fresh set of new resolutions. Maybe you realized some of your 2017 goals and are ready to meet a whole new set in 2018. Maybe you fell a little short of reaching your goals, or perhaps the goals you chose weren’t a great fit after all.

I love resolutions, reflection, and a clean slate. The thing with resolutions, though, is that they don’t stick. You already know this.

Instead, I invite you to think about intentions instead of resolutions as we turn the page on a fresh year and 365 pages of a new story—one that you get to write.

To make an intention reality, it takes a combination of a goal and a commitment. It’s not about what you want to do, what things you want to cross off your list. It’s about what you’re excited to finally get a chance to do.

Your intention first starts with a wish. Big or small, when you write your wish down on paper, you give it wings. Even if you haven’t whispered it out loud yet, writing it down and tucking it inside your Wishbeads bracelet is an important first step towards making it come true.

As we head into 2018, ask yourself: What will you allow to happen this year?

How do we set ourselves up for a fantastic year and pair some excitement along with some unshakeable commitment?

Here are eight ways to kick off your intentions in 2018 in a way that feels fantastic:


1. Reflect.

Before you take a step forward, glance back at where you’ve been. Think about all the good, the bad, and the not so pretty from 2017. Write down some things you’re proud of accomplishing. Don’t worry about them being big, lofty milestones. Review your list and celebrate the little things and even the things that came easily.


2. What do you really want?

In my work with clients who want to change their lives but don’t know how I’ve repeatedly seen that we don't define what we really want because we’re afraid to fail.

But study after study shows that what sets success in motion is actually stunningly simple: Real change begins when we let ourselves define what it is that we really want. That tiny moment of action is a game-changer. It creates clarity where there was vagueness.


3. Notice negative energy.

Let’s keep it real. When you feel yourself getting anxious, notice doubt creeping up, or flood your mind with negative self-talk, pause for a second. Just notice those feelings. When we suppress our negative feelings, we give them more power. Leave a little space to let yourself feel the gloomy feelings. The trick is to watch and observe these emotions without judging them. We all have our freakouts; it’s human. Just identify the fears that pop up when you think about your 2018 wishes. Maybe you’re worried your goal is too big, too small, or maybe you should have achieved it already. Simply notice what creeps up.


4. Write it down.

The science is indisputable: Committing our goals to paper and reviewing them regularly gives us a 95% higher chance of achieving them. I created Wishbeads to bring home the science of self-fulfillment in a way that’s both fun and powerful. That’s why I wear my wish on my sleeve. I’ve seen the miraculous effects of this approach over and over—with you, in our customers, in my work with private clients, and in my own life.


5. Say it out loud.

When you write your wish down, then say it out loud, you give it power, and you move differently. After you say it out loud, write about how it felt to speak your wish. Are you noticing now that you’re more supported than you realized? When you start to recognize how the world has your back, you change the way you think.


6. What you focus on expands.

Energy is fuel for everything. We are literally energy. Have you ever noticed those people who have a certain something about them? They light up a room, you just want to be around them, and you can’t exactly pinpoint why. That right there is energy. When you focus on an intention or wish, you bring energy to it just by focusing on it.


7. Take action with small steps and make tiny adjustments.

Intention is fantastic, but it’s not enough. You can’t wish your way to living a life of your dreams. To set the tone for the year ahead, focus on taking the smallest of steps toward your intentions. Then, take another small step, and another, and another. Each time, you’re getting closer to your wish and getting valuable insight on what’s working through your actions. Make tiny adjustments along your journey because this is when change happens.


8. It’s not magic; you just do the work.

I developed this approach based on what I’ve learned in my work as a private coach about what really ignites change and makes our deepest desires a reality. When you write a wish on paper, wear it daily, and take small actions toward your goal for 21 days, you witness the miracles around you, and you spark a movement of one. If you have a Wishbeads bracelet or kit, have you started your 21 days of wish work? Do that over here if you haven’t already.

For more on goal-setting in the new year, I made you a 3-minute video. Watch it above. Then, before you go, I’d love to hear about your wish.

Share a pic of your wish, or if you’re not ready to share the specifics out loud yet, simply share a pic your Wishbeads with your wish tucked inside on Instagram and make sure you include the tag #wishbeads so I can find your photo and send you all the good vibes to help make your intention come to light.

I wish you a year of abundance and gratitude, and may all your wishes come true.

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