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Let's have some FUN! 5 Days - 5 Ways to Get Happy!

Summer is here and you deserve to have some fun. If you've been longing to switch up your routine, step away from your screen, and have a little stay-cation, this is for you! Start loving where you are, right now - with 5 free, fun video challenges delivered right to your inbox.

Filmed on location in spots around Santa Monica, California, this is your invitation to PLAY. You deserve to have ALL your wishes come true, and when you can shift your perspective RIGHT NOW, you’ll feel like your life is a GIFT, not an endless stream of bad news. We'll explore:

  • Gratitude: Let’s pause and appreciate all you have!
  • Curiosity: Learn the secret to an eternally youthful mind!
  • Creativity: Life’s too short not to play!
  • Joy: Love is the nectar of life. Drink it up!
  • Commitment: Pave the path for success simply by showing up!

Sign up and you’ll receive short, fun, actionable video lessons for 5 days in a row. Better still, we'll send you a coupon to treat yourself to a Carnelian bracelet for just $25! We kick off the party on Saturday, August 1st! Let's savor the last days of summer... together.


Carnelian is full of life force from its vibrant color to its intrinsically energetic properties. The stone is a playful and encouraging one that allows its wearer to shed worry so they can be their bold, spontaneous, and loving selves. Carnelian creates harmony between focus and passion and thus leads to a boost in creative expression. Sign up and get yours for $25!